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Why Do I Always Have to Flush My Toilet Twice?

Have you ever found yourself standing perplexed in your bathroom, wondering why a single flush never seems to do the trick? The frustration of having to flush the toilet twice is a common issue that many people face, but it doesn’t have to be an enduring inconvenience. 

Explore common reasons behind those stubborn double flushes below. Let’s get to the bottom of why your toilet isn’t flushing as it should — and how you can fix it for good!

Common Reasons You May Need a Double Toilet Flush

Overfilled Toilet Bowl

If you put too much TP in the toilet bowl or use your porcelain throne to dispose of tissues, paper towels, or sanitary products, you’ll inevitably need to flush the toilet more than once. Remember, nothing but toilet paper and waste should be put in the toilet bowl and flushed  — so say no to even those so-called “flushable” wipes!

Not Enough Water In Your Tank

Your toilet needs a specific amount of water in the tank to function properly. This means that both excess water and too little water can become a problem. If your toilet tank doesn’t have enough water, it may not flush completely, leading to clogs — or the need for multiple toilet flushes. 

On the other hand, if the tank has too much water, it can overflow or cause the toilet to run continuously, which can waste water and increase your utility bills. Our team can make sure your toilet tank’s water level is adjusted correctly, which will help you save water and time.

Old Flapper

The toilet flapper is a simple mechanism, but since it’s one of the key components that makes your toilet work, flapper failure can lead to a variety of annoying issues. If it’s been a while since you had a professional plumber install a new flapper, your toilet’s ability to flush may be compromised. 

As the toilet flapper closes and opens, water flows into or out of the tank. An old or damaged flapper can’t hold a strong seal, so water will slowly leak out of the tank, resulting in problems with your next flush. Replacing the flapper may help your toilet work properly again.

Clogged Rim Holes

Mineral deposits can clog the small holes under the toilet rim that release water from the tank into the bowl. You may be able to clean the rim holes using a wire hanger or a specialized toilet cleaner to ensure that your toilet flushes correctly, although it’s important to do this with care so as not to scratch the bowl or cause additional plumbing problems.

Signs of More Significant Toilet Troubles

“Ghost Flushing”

If your toilet spontaneously flushes, whether right after one flush or seemingly out of nowhere, finding the culprit can be more complex. 

As mentioned before, a faulty flapper is often the reason for these sudden flushes, but other possibilities include a tangled or too-tight flapper chain, which can prevent the flapper from being able to open and shut properly after you flush the toilet. 

Ghost flushing can also be caused by refill tube issues. The refill tube directs more water from the tank into the overflow tube to fill the bowl. If the refill tube is positioned incorrectly, it can cause a siphon effect, in which too much water fills the bowl and then is sucked out. Let our team know your toilet’s haunted, and we’ll be there to adjust it ASAP.

Hard Water Buildup

Over time, mineral buildup in your pipes can be hard on all of your water-using appliances, and your toilet is no exception. Most toilets can handle hard water for a few years — but eventually, hard water in the tank or nearby pipes will affect water flow, which can change the number of times your toilet needs to be flushed or cause a partial clog. Give us a call for pipe cleaning, and we’ll deal with the crud stopping up your commode.

Broken Toilet Handle

A broken toilet handle can also lead to double toilet flushing. When the handle is broken, it might not lift the toilet flapper enough to release the necessary amount of water for a complete flush, or it might cause the flapper to close too quickly after you push the handle down. We can fix or replace the handle or old flapper connected to it, restoring your routine.

Faulty Flush Valve

A faulty toilet flush valve can lead to double flushing because it prevents a complete and efficient flush. When this critical valve is damaged, water can leak from the tank into the toilet bowl, resulting in incomplete flushing. Additionally, a malfunctioning flush valve might not release enough water to fill the bowl, reducing the force needed to clear it effectively. We can replace, fix, or adjust these valves to keep the water flowing.

Full or Partial Clog

If there’s a clog somewhere in your pipes, it doesn’t matter how hard the flush valve, flapper, or other components are working — a clog compromises your water pressure, which directly affects your toilet’s ability to properly fill, drain, and refill. This can make double flushing a necessity even for high-powered toilets. Call a professional plumber for help, and we’ll clear the clog!

Inefficient Design

While today’s toilets make the most of the water they’re filled with, other toilets aren’t always team players. If it’s been a long time since your last bathroom remodel, it may be time to replace your toilet. We install a variety of high-quality low-flush toilet models from leading brands — in fact, modern-day low-flush toilets use up to 60% less water! Call us anytime to discuss low-flush toilet options.

Ensure Your Toilet Flushes Flawlessly!

A toilet that you have to flush multiple times is not only annoying, but it also uses too much water, costs you a fortune in utility bills, and holds up your whole plumbing system. 
But you don’t have to put up with multi-flush madness! Whether you’ve got a failing flapper or a stubborn fill valve, send your toilet-flushing follies down the drain with a little help from Big Brothers Home Services, the leading team for emergency plumbing in Salt Lake, UT. Whether we’re providing metropolitan or Millcreek plumbing services, Utah homeowners rely on us for all of their toilet troubles. Call our friendly plumbers today, and we’ll see you soon!